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Will Dickinson, of Wild Terrain Navigation, is an outdoor adventure educator and artist.He coordinates orienteering events in the Flathead Valley of Western Montana and North Eastern Wisconsin and has extensive experience with mapping and GIS; starting with university work in Scotland and Turkey. He also volunteers teaching orienteering to youth in the Flathead Valley.He is an avid forager and he has participated in permaculture/gardening practices, as well as exploring biochar production. Will has been apprenticing under an heirloom fruit and apple orchard gardener, where he continues to grow his passion for working with the land and engaging in sustainable living practices.In addition to to his work as a professional artist, Will has been teaching at community centers, art leagues, and community colleges for the last 15 years. He has completed several international artist residencies, with a focus on connecting and capturing the human experience with our natural world.

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Foraging Orienteering: Foray-O

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